The Story

In the summer of 1978 I did a demo of „I Bought Three Eggs“ in a cellar in
the Manchester student house that I was living in. I played the recording
over the telephone to the voicemail of TJM Records in Manchester, who at
the time included bands such as Slaughter and the Dogs and
Frantic Elevators (featuring Mick Hucknall, later of Simply Red). The
telephone recording was heard by Mark Standley of TJM band V2, who told
label boss Tony Davidson he had to put this bizzarre song out! Tony rang
me and arranged a studio session at Smile Studios, Upper Chorlton
Street in south Manchester, produced by myself and Steve Foley.
The night before the session I quickly wrote the B-side, „Zombie“ and the
following day I turned up with drummer Chris Fisher and rhythm
guitarist Mike Rowbottom. The session took place late in !978,
around December I recall. As Mike wasn’t really a lead guitarist, I played
lead guitar on „I Bought Three Eggs“ as well as lead vocals and bass
guitar. TJM first released the tracks on the „Identity Parade“ sampler LP
and almost immediately „Eggs“ got BBC Radio 1 airplay by John Peel and
Peter Powell.
At this point the band hadn’t even done a live gig but such was the
success of the track that we were booked to appear on a variety of punk
and new wave shows with the likes of the Cure, Joy Division, V2,
the Damned and others. The track was scheduled as a single release as TJM
16, but the label went bust just as the single came out. Very few were
pressed and the release was chaotic. Eddie Mooney and the Grave continued
up to 198O before splitting. Many years later in the mid 9os, I appeared
at the „Holidays In the Sun“ festivals in Blackpool and Morecambe, with
the Damned, Buzzcocks, Slaughter & the Dogs and many others,
this time backed by V2.
In February 2OO6, „Eggs“ appeared on CD for the first time on
the „White Dopes on Punk“ compilation – without my knowledge!

Eddie Mooney