Interview with Gregory Mclaughlin, lead vocalist of New Wave / Miami Punk band THE FRONT formed in 1980.


The Front – the band that time forgot. Why?

The band was featured on a compilation record of South Florida bands called “The Land That Time Forgot”.
So the title of the documentary is sort of a companion to that record.
Also the band was never signed…came very close but broke up before that could happen.
As time went by you would hear about other bands of that era like the Eat, Charlie Pickett etc…however at the time The Front were one of the top bands.
The Front targeted the college audience rather than the locals.
As a result they were more or less under the radar historically.

What were your musical influences when you started the band?

Influenced ranged from Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys to Sex Pistols, Talking Heads, Devo etc.
The Residents are a favorite of the group.
We only played original tunes. Never played a cover…not even in rehearsal.
We played everywhere there was a stage….small joints to concert halls in South Florida.
We were courted by several major labels…however broke up before any deal was signed….in hindsight that is a blessing since we still own our songs which makes these limited edition releases possible.

Why did you break up?
We broke up on a creative high…we simply got tired of each other… no big blow out…we remained friends for most part… till 3 passed.

The Criteria Sessions 7” vinyl has just been released in a very limited edition of just 150 copies. Why did it take so long to bring out these original tracks from 1980/81?

The Band is no longer an active entity…these releases are legacy records, released in small limited editions.
Produced by surviving member Gregory McLaughlin songwriter and vocalist for the band.

It seems that you have more unreleased original recordings from that time.  Are there plans for more vinyl releases?

Yes, there are plans to release more of the catalog on vinyl.
Newest release: The Front Aluminum Room scheduled for release early August.

Get their limited 7″ vinyl single here:

Here is a documentary on the band: