Original 1982 Punk/Power Pop copy for sale!

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Linear Descent – Sheila / This Man´s Disgrace 7″

(Pomo Records R-6816 / ℗ 1982)

Recorded At – Triangle Recording

Linear Descent was formed in early 1981 by three good-natured University of Washington fisheries science students and a somewhat smarmy University of Seattle journalism student. Unfortunately for anyone interested in pursuing a musical career in Seattle at this time, the music scene was still stubbornly rutted in its dark ages, where absolutely nobody got signed between Heart in 1975 and Queensryche in 1984.

Despite dismal odds of success, the band gave it a fair attempt, playing over 75 shows in the Seattle area. They played iconic venues such as the Showbox Theater and Rainbow Tavern. They played fraternity parties, Chinese restaurants, and dive bars, including one venue that the owner burned down for the insurance money and another where water from the toilets often leaked onto the dance floor and was where the band’s two guitarists met the actual Sheila for the first time. Basically, Linear Descent played anywhere where there was even the slightest pretense of being paid.

In February 1982, the band recorded their only single “Sheila/This Man’s Disgrace” at Triangle Studios, which in 1986 became Reciprocal Studios and was where most Seattle grunge bands did their first recordings. The record received favorable reviews in the Pacific Northwest music press, got regular airplay on KCMU (now KEXP) and KJET, and sold tens of copies in local record stores.

Encouraged, the band submitted the single to a number of Los Angeles area record labels. All shot the band down except for Geffen Records, where one representative showed lukewarm interest but was soon fired. Tired of replacing drummers (the original drummer quit twice, one replacement quit and another was fired for drumming incompetence) Linear Descent disbanded in October 1982.

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