Background story: Eddie Mooney and the Grave – song by song: No.8: „Sweaty Socks“

Track 8 of 10 of the Eddie Mooney and the Grave ft Mike Rowbottom vinyl collection: „Sweaty Socks“ was recorded in Manchester in mid 1979 along with other tracks funded by Tony Davidson’s TJM Records as a possible follow up single. Written by Mike Rowbottom, he also took lead vocals on a very commercial track, reminiscent of Slade’s „Cum On Feel The Noize“. Not released in the 70s, it appeared eventually on vinyl on the „Lost Studio Recordings“ EP on Malte Buhr’s German Still Unbeatable label in March 2020. Original drummer Chris Fisher was ill and was replaced on the sessions by American drummer Sebastian Kossak. On guitar and lead vocals was Mike Rowbottom and myself on bass and backing vocals.

Eddie Mooney June/2020