Background story: Eddie Mooney and the Grave – song by song: No.3: „Bedtime Crime“

Track 3 of 10 of the Eddie Mooney and the Grave ft Mike Rowbottom vinyl collection: „Bedtime Crime“ was recorded in the cellar in Victoria Park, on a 4-track machine Manchester in late 1978 at the same session as the original demo for „I Bought Three Eggs“. The lyric idea is nicked from the Kinks‘ „Lola“, about a guy bedding a lady who turns out to be a man! It never came out at the time but eventually came out on the „Lost 1978 Demo Tapes“ vinyl EP on Malte Buhr’s German Still Unbeatable label in October 2019. On drums, the late Chris Fisher, guitar Mike Rowbottom and myself on bass and lead vocals.

Eddie Mooney May/2020