Background story: Eddie Mooney and the Grave – song by song: No.2: „Zombie“

Track 2 of 10 of the Eddie Mooney and the Grave ft Mike Rowbottom vinyl collection: „Zombie“ was recorded the same day as „I Bought Three Eggs“ at Smile 16 track studios in south Manchester in 1979. It first appeared on the TJM records „Identity Parade“ sampler LP and was the B side of TJM 16, the last single on the label, on the other side of „Eggs“. Again it was reissued on Malte Buhr’s German Still Unbeatable label in 2009. On drums, the late Chris Fisher, guitar Mike Rowbottom and myself on bass and lead vocals. The lyrics were re-written the night before the session as the original ones were thought too bizarre! It references John Travolta which dates it somewhat!

Eddie Mooney May/2020