Background story: Eddie Mooney and the Grave – song by song: No.1: „I Bought Three Eggs“

There have been ten tracks released on vinyl by Eddie Mooney and the Grave (ft Mike Rowbottom) with three drummers, originally Chris Fisher, Sebastian Kossak and Rick Medlock. Eddie Mooney is going to post links to each of these songs with the stories behind them. First up…“I Bought Three Eggs“. The original recording of this song was done in a cellar in Manchester’s Victoria Park in late 1978. I played the tape over the voice mail of TJM Records and it was heard by Mark Windsor of V2, who recommended us to label boss Tony Davidson. Tony signed us and put us in Steve Foley’s Smile 16 track studio. The song initially featured on the „Identity Parade“ sampler album and was picked up by BBC Radio One DJ John Peel. It became the last 45rpm single on TJM records in early 1980, just as the label folded and is now very scarce. It was re-issued on Malte Buhr’s German „Still Unbeatable“ label in 2009 and numerous punk compilations worldwide. It remains the band’s best known song.

Eddie Mooney May/2020